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Mold is an unwanted guest that can easily find its way into your home if you allow conditions under which it will thrive. However, finding mold before it begins to grow out of control may not be a walk in the park if you don't know how and where to look. And mold inspectors from UCM Carpet Cleaning Plano can easily help you with it!

Read on to discover the most efficient mold testing services in Plano, Texas.

Is Mold Toxic?

Yes. Mold gives off toxic substances known as mycotoxins. The release of these substances is the mold's way of keeping itself unharmed in its environment. Unfortunately, these toxins can affect humans and animals and lead to irritation in the respiratory tract. Mycotoxins can also lead to severe symptoms like nosebleeds, body pain, and headaches and aggravate the conditions of asthma patients.

Why Should You Carry Out Professional Mold Inspection?

You may have come across some information about mold debunking the need for professional mold testing in your premises. But here's the deal: mold may be quite common but should not be taken lightly. Immediately when you suspect the presence of mold, or you happen to have any moisture problems around your home, you should look for our professional mold inspection services in Plano, TX as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • Prolonged mold exposure is bad for your health, especially if you suffer respiratory or immune-related conditions. Mold testing would reveal the kind and level of mold you may be exposed to, as well as an appropriate mold remediation plan.
  • Mold remediation does not simply end in the removal of physical mold growth. It also includes preventive measures to curb future mold growth. So, if you have just conducted mold remediation on your premises, professional mold testing would reveal whether or not the remediation process was effective.
  • It ensures that your real estate meets mold standards before placing it on the market.

Why Do You Need Professionals?

You may be tempted to carry out mold testing all by yourself. Well, below you'll find some reasons why it is necessary to rely on help from a team of professional experts in Plano, TX.

Professionals Understand the Job

Most mold testing professionals have been dealing with mold for years and even decades. So, they'd definitely know the best spots to test for mold and find them if they're present. Mold professionals, especially the ones you find in UCM Carpet Cleaning Plano, have proper training and licensing to test for mold.

Furthermore, mold professionals follow protocols set up by several bodies governing mold testing and removal. Therefore, they would never jeopardize the state of your health and belongings during the mold testing process.

DIYs Are Pointless

It is unsafe to rely on DIY mold tests. First, they do not reveal anything beyond "yes, you have mold in the building." They don't tell you what kind of mold you may be dealing with, nor do they point out places you should focus on during mold remediation. And, of course, mold isn't something you should handle blindly. Consequently, DIY mold testing techniques can expose you to dangerous amounts of mold, simply because you won't have all the information you need.

Professionalism Is Our Calling Card

Many mold testing service providers have a one-size-fits-all approach to handling the presence of mold in their customers' premises. But it is not so with us.

When you schedule a visit with us, we begin our process by first assessing your building to determine the most accurate locations to collect samples. Our technicians also work efficiently and will not intrude on your private schedule during sample collection.

Contact Us for Premium Mold Testing Services

UCM Carpet Cleaning Plano is dedicated to providing reliable and trustworthy mold testing services for your property. To this end, we have started a new partnership with O2 Mold Testing, a local mold testing company. This helps us to increase our availability and improve our response time for all our customers.

Are you ready to confirm that there is mold, even hidden mold, in your home? Then, reach out to us. We are your best bet for premium mold testing in Plano.

Call us for our reliable mold testing service today!

Note: We are also available as an all-in-one solution for owners and insurance professionals regarding water damage. Our company is a certified cleaning and restoration business dealing in commercial and residential water damage restoration.

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